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Angelomario Moratti


Executive Chairman

Angelomario is graduated in Philosophy at Pavia University, he studied Business at London School of Economics, Oxford University and Columbia University.

Angelomario is currently Board Member of SARAS SpA (the largest refinery company in the Mediterranean), Chairman of the Board of Directors of SARAS ENERGIA S.A. and Director of SARINT S.A.
As Executive Chairman of Mangrovia Blockchain Solutions, Angelomario oversees the executive decisions of the Italian software house specialising in distributed ledger technology. Founded in 2018, the company has made the headlines as being the tech provider for the blockchain platform of Snam, renown gas infrastructure company operating both in Italy and Europe.
Despite its young age, Mangrovia has risen fast amongst the ranks of international blockchain tech providers, having been cited in Gartner’s last blockchain Market Guide as one of 9 globally recognised Blockchain Specialist Consultancies.

Passionate about social causes, Angelomario is also in Interfutura’s Board of Directors. Interfutura’s projects centre around contributing to the development of thousands of needy children in over 30 countries worldwide, using the values of sport and the game of football as an educational tool. Prior to this, he was the Executive Vice Chairman of Internazionale Football Club for several years.
In 2015 he founded Seven Investments.

Gianmarco Mammì



Gianmarco Mammì has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Università Cattolica, and earned his Master’s in Corporate Finance at Bocconi University.

He started his career in PriceWaterHouseCoopers Corporate Finance team, mainly focusing on M&A activities.
Gianmarco Has build a strong international expertise as CFO developed in his multinational experience in various companies across Europe.

Gianmarco is currently board member of different companies in the tech, industrial and financial sector.

Federico Bosetti


Investment Manager

Graduated Magna cum Laude in Economics at Bocconi University, Federico Bosetti has more than 25 years’ experience in Capital Markets, Wealth Management, Asset Managements and Family Office, working in major international banks, such as Bank of America, UBS and Edmond de Rothschild.

Currently, he is Partner of Banor Sim S.p.A. and board member in Mangrovia Blockchain Solution. He advises Private and Institutional Clients on both Public and Private Financial Markets. He joined Seven in 2016.